Monogram Speedy 40

  1. what is the current retail price of the speedy 40? I think i might go pick one up tomorrow :yes:
  2. I believe the current price of the Speedy 40 is $670. ;)

    The price difference in between the 25, 30, and 35 Speedy's is $25 if I did my math correctly. :search:
  3. i think it's $675. on eLuxury the Mono Speedy 25, 30 and 35 have a $25 difference, so maybe the 40 does too.

    of course, I COULD BE WRONG :shrugs:
  4. Fantastic! I Would Love To Have It To Use For When I Travel...if I Ever Do That Is...thanks Yeuxhonnetes And Jm311!
  5. I LOVE the 40- but I REALLY love the similarly sized Carryall! It's a few hundred more, but I find the unique styling and structured bottom irrisistable- after all, how many carryalls do you see versus Speedies?
  6. i agree :yes::yes::yes:

    i :heart::heart::heart: the Carryall. i'm thinking of getting that too!
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