Monogram speedy 35 or Damier Ebene speedy 35?

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  1. Even tho my new bag hasent come threw from FedEx to me ( I hope it comes tommorow )

    Im now thinking of my next bag which ill probley get after christmas due to the apprant ''Shortage''.Now I already have a speedy 30 in monogram, great bag no hassel handles get abut dirrty but hey its wear a tair but I feel as if its a abit small therefore I want to go up some inches and get a 35.
    In which design do you think speedys look better in?????I was concidaring to buy another monogram as for all my collection is of that design and my mothers bags are that design so I dont want the bag to look odd and im used to carrying a monogram just because I think they look better on me, but I really do like it in the Damier Ebene to! :faint:
  2. If you do like it in the Damier, I'd go for that for something different - plus then you'll have it for wet weather/low(er?) maintenance!
  3. You seem happy with the mono and not too keen on the damier. You might regret it. Why don't you try a small purchase like a keyholder in ebene first... If you like it... Go for the speedy!
  4. Go try both at the store first !!

    I would go for the Monogram myself, since I'm not a fan of Ebene Speedy.
    But if you want varieties and really like the Ebene , I would say buy the Ebene 35 (:
  5. Please do a search as there are existing threads that you can read and post in. Good luck!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.