Monogram Speedy 30 with strap!

  1. Look at me! I'm a fashion victim! LOL :p

    Alright, I know most of you give a definate thumbs down to the Speedy with a strap, but I took some pics wearing it with my Keepall strap. What do you think? Does it really look THAT bad? Or do I have the self confidence to pull it off? Hahaha!
  2. wow. Great idea. I like it. My speedy is heavy most of the time so this is awsome, but I don't have a keepall yet. I guess I gotta get one then.
  3. Looks great!
  4. It looks really good!
  5. Looks great, but....
    Watch out!!!! I have the keepall w/strap and sometimes when I d'ont carry a lot in my bag, I get the strap in my bag, like you do in your pictures.
    But if it get a LITTLE too heavy, the weight makes the bag come unstitched where the handles a sewed in the bag.. hope you know what I mean:smile:.. just a warning ;)
  6. Can you make the strap a little longer? It seems to hang funny. I'm not sure I'm loving it. I had the speedy strap once and I thought it looked fine, but I didn't wear it messenger style.
  7. I completely agree with this! I think the strap is a bit may look better just on one shoulder, not messenger.
  8. If you like it that's all that matters

    But as you asked I'm not a fan of bags with straps when they aren't designed to have them I think the give the bag a strange shape, and it's important to consider what one of the above poster said about potential damage you could be causing on your bag
  9. I am not a fan either. The speedy is just one of those bags to be carried in the nook of your arm or in your hands.
  10. looks good...
    i have a speedy shoulder strap too on my mono 25
    and I keep it inside my bag just in case I need it but never did.
  11. I honestly don't like this.. Maybe this would look better if it was a speedy 40? I think bags should be bigger when carried messenger style
  12. Thank you for your honest opinions!
  13. My Mom attaches a strap to ANY bag! She will NOT carry them in her hand or on her arm. She even has a patchwork speedy with a strap attached!

    I think it looks just fine!
  14. Ooh, got any pics of that? :nuts:
  15. where did u buy your strap? and how much was it? thinking of getting one too. TIA. :smile: