Monogram Speedy 30 at the festival! Pics!

  1. Don't mind the ugly outfit and the fact that my sweather makes me look fat. :push:

    Here I am, hitting the mascot in the face with my umbrella! :push: I was wondering why he wasn't putting his arm around me! :shame:

    Here I am with my umbrella down and my Speedy getting rained on! :nuts: Mascot put his arm around me this time! lol :p
  2. cute, too bad it was a rainy day... (I hate carrying umbrellas...... :cursing: lol) but hope you had fun!
  3. I look asian now? :p
  4. ^^^ what?

    nice mascot!

    nice speedy!
  5. don't ya love your speedy...great classic bag...
  6. oh yes of course! that white oval is exactly what defines asian girls' faces, ya know we have no eyes, nose, and mouth, and I must say that your few locks of hair tells all lol :p
  7. Thats so funny!:yes::p:tup:
  8. Ok you so DO NOT look fat in that sweater - you look GREAT and your speedy looks great too!!! Those pictures make me want to take mine out and use it!
  9. Bag looks great!
  10. looking good cute mascot & I like your little speedy on the big speedy
  11. Cute little inclusion speedy on your mono speedy!
  12. Cute pics!!!!
  13. What darling pics! Thanks for sharing them.
  14. Wow, I'm surprised you brought it, especially with all of the rain this weekend in Van.
  15. Speedy will always rise to the occasion, you look good!