Monogram speedy 25 vs. epi speedy 25?

  1. hello,
    i was wondering what is the dimensions of these two bags? i know epi is a bit bigger than monogram but how come when i check for measurements, both are the same...could someone clarify it for me IRL???? thanks :smile:
  2. I don't have the exact measurements for you but you are right, they are different sizes! When I was comparing them both at LV I commented to the SA that the epi was bigger and she said it wasn't. It was weird because the epi WAS bigger. I don't understand what's going on with that.
  3. Well my Epi Speedy, sitting right in front of me measures 10.5 in long, about 6 in. wide, and 7.5 in. high. Maybe someone with a mono in front of them could measure. So, I guess it is longer b/c the LV site says the mono Speedy is 9.8 in. long. Hope that helps!
  4. I see the epi measurements posted above
    my mono speedy 25 measures 9 3/4 " L x 6 3/4 " W x 7 " high
  5. thanks everyone... ;)
    i think the epi is bigger too but according to eluxury, both dimensions are the same, but you guys are right..they are not! thanks again :smile: