monogram speedy 25 or monogram papillion 26

  1. I'm looking for a simple monogram lv, but I don't know which one.
    Monogram speedy 25 or the monogram papillion 26.
    Is the papillion 26 really small? for those who have it? i don't have alot of stuff to put in my bags so I guess it would be okay for it to be small. I kinda like the papillion but might reserve that design for the damier.
    I definetly love the speedy, but might consider getting a different shape as i don't have any papillions

    What do you think? Which one is the best choice?

    :flowers: thanks
  2. speedy
  3. I prefer the speedy, I think the papillon 26 might be too small.
  4. I just got a speedy 25 in the mono... and I'd say its perfect!
    it doesn't look too big on the outside but got lots of room in the inside.
  5. I vote Speedy 25. I had the Papillon 26 but kinda outgrew it with what I wanted to carry (and I don't carry a lot). I currently have the Speedy 25 and I love it, it is perfect IMO!
  6. if they're both Monogram then the Speedy 25 would be better. i think the Papillon looks best in Damier and the size 30 :yes:
  7. Agreed with Sandra that the papillon looks best in Damier and in 30. But if you really want a Mono bag , then go for the speedy 25.
  8. If you're looking for a monogram bag, I would say you should choose the speedy. The papillon looks better in damier IMO.
  9. you should get the mono speedy 25 and the damier papillon!
  10. I agree the papillon looks excellent in Damier but I am not as big of a fan of it in Mono. I LOVE the speedy 25 in mono though!
  11. Speedy!! I like the papillon only in damier, too, and the mono speedy is classic.
  12. I think both are great (but I'm biased since I have a mono 26 papillon and a damier 25 Speedy)... I find the Speedy is more functional, but the papillon 26 is so cute! I don't like the Papillon 30 - it's a bit *too* long for me, but I'm also quite petite.
  13. ITA!! same here, have both and love both.... i also dont like the papillon in 30, its longer:Push: .. im just 5'4" so i got pap26..:yes:
  14. I have the mono speedy and the damier papillon 26........ I love, love, love all my bags (equally) but I do get more mileage out of my beloved SPEEDY!
  15. I would have to say the Speedy, also. I've had one (although it's the 30) for quite some time and I always go back to it. It's my most useful and beloved bag!
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