monogram "Sophie

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  1. $420

    ...and i meant write monogram "sophie" w/ the price in the title!!!

    it'll be here end of this year or big of the year.... it is only ava. in japan right now, not in those pics, but it comes w/ leather strap too!!

  2. [​IMG]
  3. It's a great clutch bag! I would like to see this IRL.
  4. veeeeeeeeery pretttttttty:heart:
  5. I really like when they put the plaques on everything...
  6. I Like!!!
  7. ooh that is so cute!:love:
  8. Couldn't agree more. :yes:
  9. Is it just me but I think it looks too much like a fake bag with a patch. =( I think I would like it better in epi or suhali.
  10. I really think it's cute! I gave my monogram pochette to my friend, and this would make a great replacement! :yes:

  11. oh- i don't! i love that clutch- except for the plaque! :yucky:
  12. agree, i think Marelle have better shape :smile:

    but thanks for the heads up ^^
  13. It's lovely!!

    THANKS for the pictures!!
  14. Pretty plague but for some reason I think that plaque will look much better on something plain like in epi, vernis, suhali material..

    Thanks for sharing..
  15. nice.