Monogram Sophie

  1. Is the monogram Sophie purse totally gone? I went to LV on 5th Ave today and some of the sales people did not know what I was talking about.
  2. Yeah, the Monogram Sophie is pretty much gone.

    Your only hope would be eBay or let-trade and even if you get it from those 2 places expect the price to be high.

    I called the 866# and they too didn't know what I was talking about when I mentioned the Sophie.

    They said it is not coming up on their computer.

    Maybe it is because it was not released within the United States. :shrugs:
  3. I guess one has to act quickly. By the time I decided I wanted to buy one, POOF-it was all gone. Too bad!
  4. Yeah your only hope now is eBay. There's one on eBay right now at a semi-decent price.