Monogram Sonatine

  1. Anyone have this bag? Modeling pics?

    I love it, but I wonder if the straps will go over your shoulder? Tell me about this bag :smile: TIA :flowers:
  2. The Sonatine is a handheld bag only as far as I know. The straps are way too small for the shoulder.
  3. See, I have the opportunity to purchase this one (it's got a very small puncture in the canvas near one of tha handles but it's not noticible) for $200. I'm so tempted to do it. You don't understand. I really want a monogram LV besides my pochette accessoires. But it'll negate me buying any other bag for a looooong time. It just seems like such a good deal!!! I don't know what to do!
    ef08_12.jpg f1b2_12.jpg f3ed_12.jpg f048_12.jpg f50d_12.jpg
  4. I love this bag. I saw a girl carrying it on her shoulder once, but she was petite and thin (skinny arms), so I'm not sure if everyone could do it or not. That's a great deal, almost too good to pass up.
  5. I KNOW. I'm so tempted. It's an AMAZING deal. And if I don't like it I could always just resell it on eBay right?
  6. The price seems good but I dont think I would buy a damaged piece. I would rather wait longer and put the $ towards a new bag
  7. It's just such a hard deal to pass up! She said the damage was repaired un the upper east side in new york by a malletier there. She said she only carried it a time or two, and I've got other pics of the inside. In that pic up there it looks dirty but I think it's just the angle; the inside is FLAWLESS! *sigh...*
  8. Don't be tempted by the good deal! When you're working on saving for something, you just can't wait and you wanna get something else RIGHT NOW but resist! Wait for the bag you really want and love!
  9. It is lovely.
  10. Make sure it's the one you really want! Don't be tempted by the sure this is the bag for you!
  11. thats a really good deal! the sonatine is bag i was also eyeing along with the mini ribera (which is way way expensive for little college student me)
  12. If there has been a repair done by someone other then LV, then LV won't touch it if you need something done in the future.
  13. It goes over my shoulder. Unless you're hideously obese, I think it should go over your shoulder too. I love that bag.
  14. ^^ROFL! Thank god I'm not "hideously obese" then?
  15. I love mine. Even though I don't use it too often I can't get rid of it b/c it was my first LV and I worked so hard for it. Here are some pictures of me with it (excuse my appearance and the I am really skinny and it is kind of uncomfortable to have the sontaine under my arm.
    Untitled2.jpg Untitled3.jpg Untitled4.jpg