Monogram Shine Porte Monnaie Coin Purse?

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  1. Sorry, I can't remember the exact price. I have one and I think it's around $225 in USA :confused1: Ooh try to check reference library, they usually put the price of LE items there.
  2. Wow, how did I miss this one?
    I'm not sure but I got my silver one for $70 a few months ago.
  3. I know it was a great deall.

    But unfortunately I ddin't win it! I was like soooo close! Ugh I was mad.
  4. How annoying!! I only got mine because I sniped it..I had lost one awhile back at the last minute so I did the same thing. :P

    I'm sure more will come up though, these never usually are too in demand/expensive. Fashionphile has one up but I'm sure it'll go for more than normal just because they're a more trusted seller.
  5. I love this shine coin purse $70 is a deal for it :yes:
  6. that was pretty cheap!