monogram shawl

  1. the more I see them, the more I like them!
    I do have a question: I don't really have fancy partys or dinners to go to so can you wear the shawl casual too? I saw a pic of Jessica Simpson with a Yellow one, worn very casual. What do you guys think?
    Also: which colours do you think are the best?
  2. Yea i'm sure you could wear it causual! I think the Monogram denim shawl black is cute.
  3. I'd like one of these in black, its nice for when you're out at night and you have a chill. I hope to have one soon.. maybe for my anniversary :smile: that would be nice.
  4. i just got the black one and to be honest i really only got it for casual dress attire lol, but i did end up wearing it at a recent wedding which was a fun change!!
  5. i have the black one, and most of the time i wear it with casual clothes, like in the fall when it's not too cold yet. i got the black one because it goes with everything, and with the lighter colors i would have had to be much more careful so as not to send them to the dry cleaners every week
  6. i have brown and pink
    can use both calssic and chic wear,
    soft and lovely ...
  7. I agree that black is classic and the easiest to care for. I also think that it transitions well between both casual and formal events. I have seen JS wear hers both ways and it always looks great.
  8. Yep! :yes: I wear mine the same way and the exact reasoning on the color black.

    But JS does make me want the yellow one as well. :drool:
  9. can someone pls post a photo wearing it?

  10. i usually wear my black shawl with casual clothes too, like jeans, more than I do with dressier outfits.

    if you check visual aids section there's pics
  11. definitely .... the shawl can wear with casual or formal clothing
    Love the brown one....
    looks perfect since LV is brown... :p
  12. The black one is on my wishlist. BTW, I just saw pics of just_jill325 and she looks beautiful. ( You look great Jill, so classy with the black soufflot.) I am so getting the black shawl.
  13. Yea after seeing Jess Simpson, im tempted too. Kinda think it might look silly on a 17 year old girl tho?

  14. thanks alpine :shame: