Monogram Shawl with Wedding Dress?

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  1. So I am getting married in 2 months and have a strapless dress. I need to get a little jacket or shawl to keep me warm!

    Do you think the monogram shawl would suit a wedding dress? The purse I'll be carrying with my wedding dress will probably be my Pomme Roxbury, and my bouqet will be all pink roses.

    Do you think the pink, pomme, or white shawl would look best/be most suitable? Also if anyone has any modeling pics of these colors that would be appreciated! :flowers: TIA!
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    i am trying to picture it , for now i would say the white shawl . congrats .....
  3. do you want to carry a purse? i had other ppl carry what i needed- which wasn't much. i love l nv shawls, but i don't k now about one with a wedding dress. i guess it would depend on the type of wedding. if it's fairly formal, i'd say no... just get a delicate one that accents your dress, not competes with it.

    congrats on the upcoming wedding and marriage!
  4. White would look the best
  5. arnott, I might be old fashioned but a bright red purse seems out of place with a wedding dress.

    I am also against the logo-ed shaw for a bride as well.

  6. I would really tend to agree with DesigningStyle. Congrats on your wedding!
  7. I thought about what I wrote and I want to explain. YOU are the center of attention on your wedding day. LV will take attention away from you. YOU are the focus.
  8. I agree!
  9. I was thinking the white one was quite subtle! :nuts:
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  12. It's a lovely idea but I'd go monogram free for the wedding. Congrats!
  13. ^^ I agree .. congrats too:yahoo:
  14. agree... I don´t like logos for a bride...
  15. Like DS said, I feel anything logo'd would take away from you. IMO get a gorgeous cream (a shade that works with your dress) shawl with no monogram but something that maybe has a light sheen or shimmer to it? I don't know if LV makes something like that but I am sure someone out there does! Congratulations Arnott! :smile: