Monogram Shawl: Which color?


Best color for monogram shawl

  1. *


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  3. White

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  6. Pink

  7. Others (please specify)

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Which color of the monogram shawl do you think is the nicest, most versatile and easiest to match? :love:
  2. I love black, white and chocolate..
  3. totally agreed:yes:
  4. Lol... Those three are my top choices too! ;) That's why they are on top of the list. :P
  5. definitely black and white. i love my black shawl so much i've been thinking of getting a white one too :love:. but according to the SA i bought the black shawl from, the closest color to white is actually more of a cream color
  6. Oh, I love your shawl too..! :shame: So where have you been wearing it to? :smile: After seeing it on Jessica, then you, I really think I must get one too. :Push: Lol... But I'll get my framboise stuff first, since this shawl will be permanent, (thank god :sweatdrop: ). :P

    I saw white on LV website. Is that the one you saw in the boutique? Not sure if it looks cream IRL, though. :shrugs:
  7. since it's not full-on winter yet i wear it whenever i go out, if it's not all that cold :yes:

    the one i saw in the store is off-white/cream. the SA said that was the closest it came to white. although, now that i think about it, she may have meant that was the closest they had to white in the store, not the whole range, and i may have a mind like a sewer :lol:
  8. i like black, white, pink, and blue! i would get the blue first. i saw black, white, and pink in real life with yeux while we were in toronto last week. and of course, she got the black. if i want to get one, i would probably start with the blue.
  9. My pick would be the chocolat one :love: (actually I'm considering picking that up for the cold season)

    When I've been at LV last Monday they had the red one on display .... Gorgeous too! ... It would be my second pick, but since most of my coats are red (actually I mainly own things in red or black for some reason :shrugs:) I hink the chocolat would be more wearable for me :yes:
  10. i like the black, white and pink one :heart:
  11. I like the black one.
  12. my favorite is actually the rose! it's a gorgeous color!

    Does anyone have pics of Jessica Simpson and Lindsay Lohan with their shawls?
  13. The black for me!
  14. I'm totally into black!!
  15. Black, white, and pink got my vote... it seems like those 3 colors would be easier to match with outfits.