Monogram Shawl-to get or not to get??

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  1. Hey All,

    Been thinking a lot about getting a monogram shawl in black or black Lurex. However, I'm not the wealthiest person in the world so I need some talking into or out of this purchase. I've been good this year and I'm frantically wanting something LV right now. Just like an addict, I don't care what it is-I just want SOMETHING. Haha jk. Nothing's really appealing to me lately and I have a budget of about $500. I've always wanted a shawl but somehow talked myself out of, I'm not sure what to do.

    Can you talk me into or out of buying a monogram shawl?

    I've checked some other threads but didn't get too much help from them.

    Thx much! ;)
  2. If the shawl will have much use to you then I think it'snworth it. I too am thinking of getting the mono shawl and I'm sticking to the basic colours so I can use it with ANY outfit.
  3. I have the monogram shawl in chocolate brown, and I think it's really worth the price. It's just so versatile - you can wear it with more casual outfits or even with dresses. I wore mine to my friend's wedding for example.
  4. I personally love them and have 2 myself.. I'm thinking of getting the Poetic but still contemplating because it's coming up to summer where I am and I'd rather get something that I can use right now!

    I used to think.. bleh.. square shawls??? :confused1: But since I've learnt how to fold them and use/wear them.. I can't get enough!!

    If you use lots of scarves and shawls anyway.. it's a great addition to your wardrobe! I get many compliments with my pomme mono shawl!!

    Good luck deciding and let us know which colour you pick! ;)
  5. I love doth of mine and plan on getting a third, they are warm and very classy, If your iffy then save your money and wait for the right LV to purchase, They run 715.00.
  6. I have the regular black monogram and love it. But I use mostly on special occasions.
  7. I bought my black mono shawl earlier this year and I use it almost every day. :biggrin: I totally think it was worth the price. I'm planning to get one in cassis because I think it's so gorgeous color. I haven't had any issues with snagging or ripping either even though some people say the shawls aren't that durable.. :shrugs: But like others said I would go with some basic color so that you can wear it with many different outfits.
  8. Get it! I love the shawls. I can't wear them because the wool is coarse but they're gorgeous.
  9. Thx thus far for the opinions.

    A little more info about myself: I don't wear scarves or shawls that much but considering I would be getting a versatile color (black) and it's LV, I bet i would use it a lot too.

    How are these supposed to be cleaned?
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