Monogram shawl or Chanel brooch? I need help!

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  1. I am so confused as to what I should purchase first. I love both items, but after serious thoughts, I'm only going to purchase one now, today hopefully, after office dinner is over, and the other in June with a bag I have in mind. I'm just not sure which one I should take the plunge for first. Please help! :smile:
  2. Depending on which brooch you want, the seasonal ones may go on sale.

    I love my Chanel brooches. I am hesitant on the monogram shawls because every says it pulls.
  3. Do they really? I had no idea! thank you. Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of as well. The pulling.

  4. Some do and they go fast!
    If there's one you really want, I'd get it. In my area they sell quick.

    If you still want a monogram shawl, pick one in a material that doesn't pull. Mine is the cotton one and it's worry free :smile:
  5. I don't own any Chanel (yet!) but I know I'm going to start with the brooches because they're so utterly timeless, classic, and elegant! So my vote goes to the brooch first.

    Which one were you looking to get? They're all gorgeous!
  6. I'm new to Chanel. I haven't been bitten badly by their bug. I have only slgs so far.. card case and large Ocase I use as a clutch. But the brooches..I've become obsessed with! As well as the monogram shawls. So I'm so torn! But they are soo classic! I would love anything that's double CC, gold metal
    and sparkly
  7. Brooch is my vote. I love how they look on
  8. Just be careful if it has pearls or other beads. I've had issues with them falling out (only wore a few times).
  9. The brooch for sure
  10. Shawl! Chanel jewellery and brooches are know to have issues lately. And the shawl is life changing. Love mine!
  11. Depends on the brooch. There are certain ones I would definitely take over a Monogram shawl.
  12. They're all head turners but my personal favs are... (Source in address bar)

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  13. And.... Love baguettes!

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  14. I'd go for the brooch and buy the shawl in fall. :smile:
  15. LV shawls are must haves too but you'll end up buying it later anyway! :amuse: