Monogram Shawl - Do you own this?

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  1. #1 May 5, 2016
    Last edited: May 5, 2016
    I am considering getting the Monogram Shawl in black for Mother's Day..

    I really like the look but I have concerns about it's "fragility".. The website says "silk and wool".. I have no clue what that means when it comes to it being a delicate item or not.

    I saw a haul YouTube video by LVLoverCC and she got this exact shawl I want and she went on about how her SA had to inspect "every inch" of the item to make sure it had no snags.. and then she tried it on and yes, it looked great but then she made a comment about "oops I think I snagged it" when she was putting it on..

    Basically my question is - is this item SUPER delicate? When you mean "snag" will it look horrendous and cause the item to run?

    I want a black shawl that I can wear around my neck like this (photo borrowed from a TPFer, found online; I hope she won't mind. She has blue. I want ALL black..):


    Is there a lightweight durable alternative that is monogram and ALL BLACK (not black with white print).. I saw the denim black one and I wish the logo were a darker grey shade. It was a little too flashy for me..

    Thank you in advance!

    EDIT.. here is the video I was talking about. The exact shawl I like is around 9:54 mark:

  2. I own this shawl in Noir. I bought it last September and wore it really often throughout the fall and winter season. It has a couple of really tiny snags on it but is not noticeable unless I'm looking for it. The logo is not as in your face as the shine shawl. I love it. No regrets.
  3. This is great to hear!! Thank you so much for answering!!

    So the snags won't mean that it will run? I have seen shawls with runs in them (straight, long holes almost).. this shawl won't run like that?
  4. I have two other monogram shawls. The oldest being two years old and worn very often. No runs in any of them. Only a couple of small little snags.
  5. Yeah, monogram shawls snag REALLY easily. If you're a perfectionist and you are super concerned, I'd stay away from these shawls.

  6. I'm sorry to say but I have this shawl and mine does have the long runs and is in an awful condition and already was after a couple of uses. To be honest, it started snagging the moment I took it out of the box which I did so carefully. I really wouldn't recommend this scarf :sad:

  7. Totally agree!
  8. The shawl snags just by looking at it. I'm scared to fully inspect mines incase I discover a snag. :sad:
  9. I bought this in the fall and love it for everyday. I own Hermes GM cashmere/silk shawls so I know how delicate these are and I know to be very careful with them. If you are new to this kind of item, it is important to understand how easily they pull/run and may even pill with heavy use. They really are adornments and not shawls in the true sense of being practical and for warmth (at least not if you want to keep them in perfect condition).

    If you want to keep the shawl pristine, I recommend care when wearing and keep jewelry esp. rings and watches away. But they are also meant to be enjoyed so only you can decide if they are worth the money and extra care involved.
  10. They are beautiful and luxurious but... very delicate. When getting one of these, you have to be okay with the fact that this is not a 'forever' item.
  11. So glad you started this thread as I was thinking the same, would love a shawl but investing that amount in it, I know I would need it to last. I think sadly for now I will not get one, but admire them from afar.
  12. THANK YOU so much for the honest and pertinent info on the shawl..

    I am so happy to know this beforehand! I won't ask for the shawl anymore.. I don't like being disappointed when a snag happens.

    Yes, I would want something more "forever".. something I can toss around in a bag and whip out when I am feeling cold.. I definitely am not looking for something delicate.. It's just not something I need in a scarf.

    I guess I shall be looking at other things for my Mother's Day present then.

    Again, thanks, everyone!
  13. I have several, and love them, but they definitely snag easily:sad:
  14. LV has 100% silk scarves, which are much more resistant (like traditional Hernès carrés). That could be an option for you. Some of the designs are lovely too.
  15. Oh! Thanks!! I know nothing about scarves and I assumed 100% silk means it will snag even more.. (Gee, what would I do without you guys!) Thanks! I'll browse the website and see if any of the silk ones catch my eye. :smile:
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