Monogram shawl - color help!

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  1. Hi everyone, help me pick a color for my first Louis Vuitton monogram shawl. I'm Asian and have tons of neutral colors like black and white in the closet.

    I was thinking of natural, dune and beige but I read many raves for Verone. What do you have? Please share your pictures!
  2. Verone is beautiful. I love that it's a neutral that's not too sombre like noir. It might match your dark hair and complexion well. IMO it's still best to see the shawl in the boutique. Natural, dune and beige are also great colours, but you can't really tell which shawl makes your skin glow unless you try them on.

    The LV scarf/shawl clubhouse thread gives good ideas ---
  3. I find beige and dune too yellowish
    Verone is nice
  4. I have beige and it's more like a greige imo it's a beige with a light grey hue.

    It's best to try them on, I prefer natural, and beige over dune though but that is personal.
  5. I just bought an, oh idk what its called but it's a shimmer with light pinks, greens, blues. It's adorable and goes with so many things! I'm like you and have so many neutral things but this adds a pop of color without being too 'colory' for my taste if you know what i mean:smile:
  6. Ah, good resource. Will check it out, thanks!
  7. I just tried a few colors and natural seems to be the best! Beige or dune were too close to my skin color.
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