Monogram Satin mini-alma in RED.....

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  1. What do you guys think of this???:shrugs:

    (BTW this IS NOT an authentication check, I already know it's real...) AUTHENTIC LOUIS VUITTON RED SATIN MONOGRAM LITTLE ALMA (item 150014701356 end time 03-Aug-06 04:46:02 AEST)

    I'm thinking of making an offer on it, but I'ver never really seen many satin pieces and don't know much about them.

    Are there any PF'ers with something from the satin line???

    Is it gorgeous???

    What's it like IRL?

    :flowers: Cheers guys!
  2. I don't own anything from this kind of line, but it sure it cute!! Too small for me that is. I love red!!
  3. It's really gorgeous:yes: but bear in mind it's really petit and the satin part scares me.
  4. It's actually not as petite as it seems. I own the beige satin boulonge, and it fits more than my lexington, but it still is a relatively small bag. You also really don't have to baby it as much as say the naked vachetta bottom of a cabas. I think red is a good color, the satin has this really pretty sheen.
  5. It's really cute but that's a lot of money for a little bag.
  6. whoops double post!
  7. It's cute :yes: I was eyeing a satin Boulogne for some time, but I'm afraid those bags are too small for me...
  8. I think it's a gorgeous bag, but I would just use it as an evening bag.
  9. I think they are so cute but if you want a mini alma, go for graffiti one!:yes:
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