Monogram Sac Squash

  1. I love the looks of it, though it does look like a camera mans bag.
  2. Looks a bit odd to me.
  3. Luv this bag if the structure holds. I have seen it on people where due to it being soft, the squareness of the bag folds/sags. So if you stuff enough things in it, it would look fantastic.
  4. It is very nice, but it is very big too...
  5. i'm not too crazy about this bag. i find the shape to be a little bit strange.
  6. not a big fan:s un less i was a reporter and had several cameras...
  7. look funny...
  8. it looks alright to me but alittle too big.
  9. Looks a little weird to me, might be nicer in person though.
  10. i don't mind this bag.
  11. i like it
  12. I don't like those side pockets...
  13. Um u are not buying that.
  14. I guess it depends on what you would use it for? Do you play squash, lol?