Monogram Sac Flanerie w/pix

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  1. yay. i finally found the perfect large tote for myself, it just so happens to be the discontinued LV Sac Flanerie. i love it, here are some pix. it's like a tall keepall/speedy/luco hybrid. just fantastic!

    IM001763.JPG IM001764.JPG IM001765.JPG
  2. great choice! i like it.
  3. :nuts: Never seen one of those and a beauty. Always great to find a bag you love.Congrats!:smile:
  4. congratulations. =)
  5. Gongratulations!!
  6. I like it!!!
  7. Congrats.
  8. i love that bag- was watching one in new/pristine condition on eBay. were you the lucky one?
  9. Congratulations!!
  10. Ooooh rare, congrats !
  11. oh my gosh. i love the bag, such a beauty. and i love the panda notebook you have so much.

  12. It is just gorgeous Kodi. Enjoy it!!
  13. Congrats!!!
  14. congrats! never seen it but I like it!
  15. Congrat's, wonderful find.
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