Monogram Rubis: Not so Limited?

  1. Just checked and all three bags from the Resort Rubis line are available for purchase :wtf: I remember hearing before it's release that it would be VERY limited- a sure sell-out. Maybe it was misinformation or maybe it hasn't been a big seller, but regardless I'm suprised that's it not even a "call center only" item. Anyone else share my sentiments or am I just a lunatic ranting in the corner? :p
  2. my thoughts were that it was going to be a VERY limited item since it doesn't have a mass appeal like the mini lin croisette. but i'm shocked too that its avail on the website.

    i saw one while out running errands. not sure if it was a fake, but it wasn't as extreme looking as i thought it would.
  3. I recall my SA saying there were very limited like miroir but yet all the rubis bags are sitting out on display with the mirage, olympe & shearling bags:yes:
  4. I still see lots at the boutique...

    I want the mirage though but its not available here anymore! :crybaby:
  5. ya, there was one at my local boutique 2 days ago too... I actually think that they are indeed very limited cuz our boutique only received 2 so far (1 bucket which was immediately sold last fall and the mid-size one that's standing there right now)... I think many LE/seasonal bags are not sold because of the high(er) retail price and not really because people don't like them...
  6. I guess this series isn't very popular... I saw them on display at quite a lot of stores...
  7. All the stores in my area have them on display, not sure how many they sold.
    Also the shearing bags and the mirage Grief are available.
  8. I think they are quite limited, but because hardly anyone is buying them, they don't appear to be so.
  9. Probably it's not that popular. :shrugs:
  10. I got the Rubis bucket last month as a Christmas gift for myself. It is an amazing bag, but kinda pricey. I think after the Rubis is sold out, more people are going to want them. It's supply vs demand.

    When I bought the bag my SA told me that only 100 of them are available in the US. I'm not sure if she meant 100 of the Rubis buckets or 100 of the Rubis bags.

    The bottom line is it's a seasonal item and will no longer be produced after selling out.
  11. at the boutque in riverside square mall nj, i saw them there about maybe over a month ago..all 3 models.... there not THAT limited
  12. They are very pretty though!
  13. has to be more than just 100 rubis bags. i saw 5 in nyc. either not that limited, or no one is buying.
  14. We have a set in Portland as well, they are very pretty. I'm going to take my sister-in-law in to see them but I think the price tag is too much for her.
  15. I went to my local boutique last week....I guess there were alot of returns, as I saw the entire Rubis collection, Motard pochette, Mirage Speedy in Noir, Mirage Musette, and Limelight clutches !!!!!