Monogram Rubis. anyone?

  1. anyone planning to buy this bag??? :smile: seems quite nice to me. what u guys think?
    wonder how much is it.
  2. i'm not as it is not my style. but i can definitely see it looking wonderful on certain people. it seems to give off a chic beachy feel to me.

    i believe the lowest priced one is $2k.
  3. i dont like any tote-ish type bags...and the red just kinda looks slapped on there to me. looks like they just had some extra neverfulls floating around. maybe it looks nicer in person. but it doesnt look like anything great to me....and the price will probably outrageous for what it is. JMO though.
  4. wow...2k?? :wtf: so expensive...~!
    is it limited edition?
  5. Not a fan of this bag at all... :nogood:
  6. Im on "the" list...but Im not sure yet.
  7. Not a fan at all...It's like a fancy souped-up Neverfull...only it looks worse than the Neverfull. Just my preference though.
  8. its part of the cruise collection :smile:
  9. Could someone post a picture for me ? Pretty please ? :graucho:
  10. :boxing:I totally disagree with all you naysayers. And you're all judging based on the stupid tote -- has anyone seen the New Bucket Rubis? I did and once I had it on my shoulder they practically had to call Security to get it off.

    Honeybeez, I pre-ordered the New Bucket and I recall it being about $2200. Yes, expensive but it's different. Anyway, if you like it get it. Life is too short.

    And no, the tote does not look like a mutant neverfull in person.
  11. when i saw the monogram rubis bag for the first time i was like wouw! but now that i see it i'm not impressed. though i wouldn't have gotten it even if it was cute. lol.
  12. It's pretty Da GORGEOUS in person * drool*
    I waitlisted for it too restricter & can't wait for it, that pic of the tote doesn't do it justice at all. I think the beach bags this & last year are TDF, still in love with my Pamp & looking forward to using this one soon. :smile:
  13. Not a fan.
  14. Don't like it at all.
  15. not too crazy about it either ... have to see it irl I guess. Lesson learned with the perfo - didn't like it until there was no more:sad: , so not gonna pass judgement until I see irl.