Monogram Rivets Out?

  1. Are the Monogram Rivets bag and pochette out already? So soon!! Which stores have them? I cant wait....
  2. they'll be released 2/15...hold ur horses there
  3. I thought they were phoning clients to come get them, as early as tomorrow?
  4. Ala Moana - Hawaii called me to get mine today! (2/7) but I won't be by there until tomorrow. So at least one store is releasing them early.
  5. My local store already both version of the bags earlier today. The pochette one is really cute. I don't like the bigger one as the base of the bag is really stiff so it's hard to wear it as a shoulder bag.
    I would have gotten the pochette if I had not gotten used to bigger bags.
  6. :crybaby:
  7. Congratulations! Lucky you......when will I get mine??