Monogram Riveting

  1. Hi everyone! Its my first post and i am sooo excited!
    I am going tomorrow to pick up my monogram riveting bag!
    The people at LV made it seem like it was already almost sold out and really hard to get, i dont know if thats true but im glad i was able to get one reserved.
    Anyone know anything about this bag or have one?
  2. OOO! Yay! POst pics when you get it! It's such a pretty bag!
  3. Congratulations on getting a lovely bag!!

    It's better for you if you post the pictures soon.
  4. We want photos!!! Ooohhh...I am so excited for you! Welcome!!!!:smile:
  5. Congrats!:yahoo: I can't wait to see pics.
  6. I think if you call around you can find them. It's definently not sold out. I've posted this before,but I was on several waiting lists and have gotten calls galore, starting when they came out a week early(I think the 6th of Feb?)all the way through yesterday. I think it's a lovely bag,but kind of bulky on me, so I might just send it back and go with a Chanel shopper. However, the more I look at it, the less likely it will go back because it is so sharp!
  7. :rolleyes: :shrugs: :angel:
  8. congrats!!
  9. You are so right after last night's ridiculous drama!:cursing:
  10. Ahhh!!!! Were we all in that together?? Where are you GucciDiva???? We MISS you!!! LOL!!! I was all sorts of frustrated last night!
  11. although I generally say that pix don't prove a thing... this time i gotta agree with Merika!!! lol:roflmfao: Sorry... just something happened last night which was quite hilarious...

    okie seriously now Congrats on the bag! I dunno how popular they are in the States, but it doesn't seem like a major hit in Canada.... I just went to my local boutique today, one bag was on display and another was reserved for ONE customer.......... and who knows if she'll buy it or not....:shrugs:
  12. ^ I know-it doesn't seem like a major hit here either-although it's on e-bay for a ridiculous amount of money. It is pretty.
  13. ROFL ROFL ROFL :whistle: :boxing:
  14. Oh, right.... there is a topic here.

    Hi. I have the bag, and I have detailed pictures if you would like to find your date code someday! It's a super hot bag, looks way better IRL than any photos can show. I'm pretty sure it's sold out here in Hawaii.
  15. Welcome! I hope we don't scare you away too ;)