Monogram Riveting ???

  1. Hello everybody, is there anyone who can tell me how lon will Monogram Riveting be available for. Is it only a spring edition, and if it is not too much to ask how much does it cost. I really hope it stays for a while, it is gorgeous. Thank you eveybody in advance !!!
  2. It's $1950.00 w/o tax. And it's limited edition. =)
  3. Here's a photo:

  4. Are you talking about the bag or pochette?
  5. The bag
  6. ^^Oh, ok.

  7. Hey! I dunno how long it'll be available, my SA said it was seasonal and it retails for $1950 plus tax.

    I paid with
    9% tax would be $2125.50

  8. 9%?!?!
  9. Think of the Mizi and Klara bags, about the same run time as those bags.
  10. i love this bag, have not purchased it but am strongly considering getting it this weekend. tax in my area is 8.75%