Monogram Rivet or Epi Speedy...pretty or practical?

  1. I recently weeded through my bags and sold a bunch on eBay. I had so many bags that were beautiful but I never used. I decided that I was only going to purchase bags that were not only pretty but practical as well..

    As far as LV goes I own: Mono speedy 30, Damier Azur speedy 30, Large Neverfull, Black Neo Cabby, and a Monogram Deauville. I carry a lot in my purse and as I have a bit of a back problem I tend to carry bags with handles more than shoulder bags (although I love the Neverfull). I love my mono speedy. My stuff fits perfectly in it.I got a puseket and things fit even better! I bought the Damier Azur as I thought the change in color would be good for summer. Still the mono speedy gets used the most.

    Anyway I saw the Monogram Rivet bag and it is so beautiful! I fell in love! It can be used as a shoulder bag I suppose but is more a carry in the hand style. My stuff fits in it but oddly enough not as easily as a speedy (purseket won't work in here). I wear jeans to work most of the time and I thought it would be a good funky everyday bag. and it's so pretty. But...

    i was thinking as I love the speedy so much and the epi black 30 is on my wishlist maybe I should just get that. I have been wanting to add some color to my life so I thought maybe a cool purse charm would spice some things up.

    I travel a lot and am sometimes out of town for months. Generally I can take only one or two bags. As black goes with everything (and with some things monogram doesn't work) I was thinking maybe this would be more practical. I also thought that the epi would be better in inclament weather.

    Is it crazy to won 3 speedies?

    Ok girls what do I do...pretty or practical?
  2. I think it is always ok to own 3 speedies.. and heee welcome I am one of them . I have one mini lin, azur , dentelle... and is looking forward to add in a mirage and epi speedy soon !!

    Heee u can try too add somemore color to your wardrobe by purchasing a red speedy 25..
  3. Thanks...
    Bought the black epi and a cool purse charm. I am eyeing the red epi...maybe for christmas...
  4. great choice! then after you buy the red epi speedy, go buy the rivet!
  5. I love the rivets handbag, but the thing that kept me from buying it was that it did not fit comfortably under my arm, when on the shoulder. My SA actually confessed that it was really meant to be held on the arm....Go with your other choice, unless you really love it !!
  6. I bought the black epi. It will be great for traveling whick I do a lot of. Got a new job today. I think I may buy the red epi as well a congrats to me gift...ha ha.
  7. Congrats! The Epi is both beautiful and practical. I think you will love it as much or even more than your mono speedy.