Monogram reveal from Paris! (Pop of pink & only one regret)

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  1. Good morning! I wanted to share the items from my recent Paris trip and tell a little about my experience (summarized by rose all day, Laduree, & rain rain go away). I did have a LV list in mind beforehand and stuck to it for the most part, meaning one bag and one wallet at least. :smile:

    Emilie Wallet - Made in Spain
    Zippy Coin Purse - Made in France
    Favorite MM - Made in France

    Flagship store
    I purchased my first Emilie wallet! If you are on the fence about the hot pink and you like hot pink, go for it! I should have asked to see the Clemence wallet too but I was caught up in the moment and I loved the pop of pink on the front button. Since my husband and I weren't planning on shopping too much that day (leaving the next day for a Switzerland trip) I left happily with my wallet. I did ask to see the Toiletry Pouch 19 in mono but they only had epi so I passed. The SA was great and assisted with the tax documents. The "made in" looks a little sloppy in the picture but it's just the picture. The lettering is clean and defined IRL.

    Galeries Lafayette
    Super nice SA here. I had water instead of champagne or else I would have left with beaucoup. I tried on the speedy B 35 in DE and the Neverfull in DE but walked away with a mono Favorite MM and a mono zippy coin purse. I'm glad I did because it fit easy in my carry-on and changes up my collection a bit, with regards to size. I asked to see the empreinte key holders but the only colors they had were black and poppy and I was looking for a red or blue one. They were also out of the DE key holder and the Toiletry Pouch 19 or else that would have been coming home with me. At the mall they do the de-taxe right there for you too. Overall it was an amazing shopping experience but if you have something specific in mind it's probably best to call around.

    I went to Chanel and Goyard but nothing inspired me to make a purchase. I was looking for a Goyard cosmetic pouch called the Miroir but since it's being discontinued they only had it in orange (no thanks). I did consider the St. Louis tote. After reading many St. Louis vs. Neverfull debates and seeing it in person, I'm definitely on team Neverfull. I don't beat around on my bags but I felt like I would effortlessly rip a St. Louis in half!

    My only regret is that I didn't ALSO get the Neverfull in DE. Should have accepted that glass of champagne. ;) It will pain me to pay US dollars for it but I might have to bite the bullet. It's been raining in DC so I'm back to my big red Longchamp Le Pliage bag today. I included a reveal picture of my Longchamp items so maybe one of these pouches will get my mind off of the evasive TP19!

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  2. Great choices. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Congrats and enjoy your goodies.
  3. Lovely items!! Congrats!
  4. Sounds like a wonderful trip! Love your selections. I chuckled at your comment about the champagne....a glass would definitely influence me to buy more as well. Thanks for sharing
  5. Very nice purchases! So many lovely trips to Paris I have been seeing on tpf lately, I would love to go to Paris but I am terrified of planes! Congrats and enjoy your goodies :smile:
  6. How awesome!! Congrats on your great items!!
  7. Congratulations! I am glad you had a great time in France, and I love all your purchases!
  8. Congrats, what a beautiful haul. Love your collection too!
  9. Great purchases!!! Congrats!
  10. Very nice items! Congrats!
  11. Great buys! Enjoy!

  12. So great haul you had :biggrin: Enjoy all your new beauties ;)
  13. Thank you everyone! When I put the collection together my damier Totally stood out. After ban island it's time for a DE or DA friend...hehe. I've been trying to pare down and create the "perfect" collection for my needs over the past year (after collecting for over 12 years). I'm very interested in checking out the Damier NF with the pink lining when it's released.

    P.S. The Paris trip happened when I asked my MIL if she could watch our daughter for a weekend so we could go to NYC. She not only told us that we could use her tradeable timeshare to go anywhere (it was about to expire and she wouldn't be using it) but that she would watch our 3-year-old for a week. :woohoo:

    P.P.S. I suppose I can never complain about my MIL for as long as I live!
  14. Beautiful pieces! Congrats to you :smile:
  15. beautiful LV's - congrats!!
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