Monogram PSP holder price?

  1. Does anyone know what the retail of the PSP holder is?

  2. didn't know they made one..
  3. Don't know the price, though? :huh:
  4. it was $330.00 before the price increase

    its very roomy inside with lots of compartments and makes a great clutch!
  5. Ahh. So you don't have to use it as a psp clutch?
  6. ive seen it at the store as i was contemplating on buying one for my son for his birthday and i looked at the inside and it was very room with lots of pockets. i wouldnt see why you couldnt use it as a clutch :graucho:
  7. OMG!!! I didnt know they have a psp holder!!! Perfect for my new psp!! Yahhoooo..!!
  8. Thanks everlong! I just bought my boyfriend a PSP for his birthday and I want to surprise him with a Louis too :smile:
  9. It is 230 euro here now..
  10. What a great present.
  11. I wanted to get one on Elux, but I haven't seen it since the price increase.:sad: It was in the men's section.
  12. Randomly off topic -- but. . . . everlong - I LOVE that pic of your LV's. It's very cool! :smile:
  13. That is really cool. I had no idea LV made a PSP case. I wish LV would make Creative accessories.
  14. LOL, that's from
  15. :lol: i wish they were mine. i had received the pic from an email from eluxury
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