Monogram Print Chipping off...???

  1. A few items I have seen on eBay, mostly wallets, but I have seen a speedy, have what looks like chips out of the print, like little chips off of the flowers and LV , like just off the print... Does anyone know what I am talking about? If so, has this ever happened to you? Is it just from wear? How long until things start to to this? My bf has a Monogram wallet that he carries in his back pocket all day, every day... will this happen to his wallet in a year or two, or longer???:confused1: :crybaby:

    Please let me know if anyone know anything about this! :confused1:
  2. It can happen due to the screen printing of the pattern onto the item in Multicolore items. I don't think it's very prominent in Monogram items though because the process is different, but sometimes the pattern will lighten over time.
  3. I've only seen this with the MC and Groom since they are screenprinted, but never with Mono... the pattern usually lightens over time after lots of use!! :p hope this helps!
  4. When I first bought my mono papillon, I discovered it was chipping after a week of use. There was a little circle chip on the side barrel of the bag. I bought this off elux. I took it to a LV store close by since I was shopping that day, and the SA looked at it and said that she never saw that happen before and told me that if it continues to chip that they could replace the whole side of the bag. I did not want to have to worry about that, especially since it was just a week old, so I got this exchanged at Elux. I was not happy when I discovered the chip!
  5. Thankfully none of my bags have ever chipped not even the MC, here's hoping! The pattern definitely has faded a bit on items that I have used a lot e.g. my PTI
    Glad you got it exchanged!
  6. Which line are you referring to? It's normal on the lines above, Monogram Multicolore, Groom, Cerises, and Cherry Blossom.