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  2. sooo, i called my local YSL boutique (about 40 mins away from me) and they had the gray (earth color) in stock on sale. of course I could not contain myself, so I took an extended lunch break form work and drove over there to "see" it. came out with 2 :doh: will do the reveals when i get home later!!!
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  3. Introducing my two new loves!
    600DD1E6-7329-4A0B-A620-E5199695B93A.jpeg A3DEDDE6-4A3B-4CD1-963D-C7BDE1BF2323.jpeg 0DED686D-6FD3-48F4-B2BA-D96D56F63EFF.jpeg 29D7786B-8B49-40A5-B0C5-0B2679FC8FCE.jpeg 512069E0-AD41-47E9-AE2D-54AF2F5B920B.jpeg 3CF95C8E-B380-4A11-AC3C-4F8F5615113C.jpeg 6A6944A2-AD34-4F52-B055-5115EABB14EB.jpeg
  4. Oh wow beautiful! I love the colours you chose too, classic but stand out! :smile:
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  5. I would love to know what fits inside - phone, keys, cardholder, lipstick, gum?
  6. thank you! i've been looking for a gray and a burgundy clutch type of thing. so this was perfect!!
  7. just the small essentials. I have an LV key pouch with my cards and 2 car keys and other keys attached to it. I was able to fit that in along with a lipstick and small face compact. I can probably throw in a small eyeliner and mascara in there too (those are usually all the items I put in my clutches when I go out at night). I have an iphone 8+ and I can't put that in there. it doesn't bother me much since I always have my phone in my hand anyways. but for those who are looking to use this as a makeup bag or an essentials pouch to throw in their bigger purses will be able to squeeze a lot of small stuff in it. I can take better pics later on!
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  8. Nice finds!