Monogram pochette wallet or koala wallet?

  1. i want to buy a monogram wallet to go with my speedy 25. i know pochette wallet and koala wallet are 2 different styles..but which one would you all recommend? thanks for your advice.
  2. my votes goes to koala wallet
  3. yepp... same here. koala! it's a nice compact, handy wallet!
  4. If u prefer to have the photo compartment , then u better buy Koala but i personally dont like koala in monogram, koala is pretty in MC or vernis pomme or azur.

    If u prefer to more organise your things inside the wallet, then better choose pochette wallet.
  5. For the size, I'd choose the Koala.

    Good luck with the decision!
  6. Pick the Koala. It is so compact and has so many credit card slots. I love the ID window. For me that is a must have in a wallet.

  7. Monogram pochette wallet, because i dont like my money folded.
  8. Koala...luv it.
  9. I have both wallets, but i use the pochette wallet more. When i use speedy 25 i tend to use the koala wallet because it's more compact and is easier to get in and out of the small opening
  10. I think the koala would be perfect for your speedy!
  11. lol same here.
  12. Koala is perfect for smaller handbags. I think it will look perfect with your speedy 25.

    btw I have both on my wishlist. Lol.
  13. I am with y'all on that one. POCHETTE all the way lol.
  14. I love my Koala! I also like the Alexandra too.
  15. yes me too.. pochette it is!!! koala to me like a school girl :p