monogram pochette twim gm

  1. hi i was wondering for those who has this pochette twin gm do you guys love it and is it useful? I know they discontinued this already but I know somebody who's selling it for the retail price and would like to know you guys feedback before making a decision. I really love it:tender: but not so sure about the size. Thanks.
  2. for retail price? i'm sure u can get it for cheaper if u wait for it maybe let-trade.
  3. It's very versatile- you can adjust the strap and use it as a shoulder bag, handbag, sling bag, wear it messenger style, or use it as a clutch. But I find it not roomy enough to be useful. I guess it depends on how much you carry.
  4. good luck finding it
  5. I had the Pochette Twin and i sold it on eBay because the strap has only a bottom and that bottom don't hold very good. From time to time he was opened when I have wear the Pochette, and I have losed the pochette. And it's very easy for someone to steal the bag if you wear it, because you can only pull at the strap and the pochette is "yours". I wouldn't buy a Pochette Twin no more!:nogood: Sorry for my English - I hope you can understand what I'll explain!
  6. I'm also considering either a Twin GM or PM because I simply love the versatility of ways to carry it. Thanks for your feedback on the safety issue. I'll take note of that and consider again.
  7. Yes, explanation is very helpful! I've been debating for weeks about the twin pochette...I guess it unsnaps from the strap and the flap would probably open from time to time?