Monogram Placement on LV's

  1. Can the monogram pattern on LV's change from year to year on certain models? Or is it pretty much the same? Also, can there be slight variations?

    For example, if you look at the second photo on the right in this auction you'll notice how the filigrees at the bottom are 1/3 visible. On my Speedy 25 only the very tips of the filigrees are visible.

    So are monogram placements 100% "trustable" to use for authentification purposes? Does anyone else's Speedy 25 resemble this 2nd photo or...?

    Thank you ladies!! :flowers:
  2. I have a speedy for 5-6 yrs ago and it looks just like this.

    placement of lv 's is a BIG part of lok for authentic items but thats not the only thing.

    if you are asking is this bag authentic YES it is..
  3. I've noticed that the monogram placements shift slightly for pochettes, so while it's usually about the same, it's not a 100% reliable standard.
  4. Is anyone else's Speedy vary from photo 2 (on the right)? Does anyone's bag just have the tips near the outer piping?
  5. If I understand your question correctly, you are probably talking about the 30. 30 has the tips and 25 has the same filigrees as the auction. I don't have the reg. mono to show you, but here is the MC 30 vs Cerises 25:
  6. LV-addict,

    Thanks for the photos. I'm actually talking about the Speedy 25 and the placement of the filigree at the bottom of the bag, near the side piping. In photo two, on the right, the auction has the filigree showing 1/3 with some of the circular middle showing.

    Mine has only the tips. What about yours?
  7. Here is two 25s side by side:
    PICT3251.JPG PICT3256.JPG
  8. [​IMG] is this what you're look for?

  9. Bagfetish, yup, that is exactly what I am looking for! Your bag looks exactly like mine. If you look at the auction though, their 2nd photo (right side) doesn't look like ours (theirs have 1/2 of a filigree).
    LV_addict, you'll notice that on your speedys you don't have filigrees at all on the bottom, near the piping. So I guess there is a slight variation from time to time.

    You ladies are great, btw. I am so happy to have a place to ask question with people who provide such helpful and quick answers. :tender: