Monogram Perfo Speedy, Epi Bucket PM or Mini Lin Marina

  1. If you can only get 1 of these, which one would you get:

    1 - Monogram Perforation Speedy 30 in Green (Spring/Summer 2006)
    2 - Epi Leather Bucket PM in Mandarine (discontinued color)
    3 - Mini Lin Croisette Marina PM (Fall/Winter Cruise Collection)

    If I were able to I would get them all :p, but I can't and shouldn't even be getting one, but I'll try to slip one in.
  2. Monogram Perforation Speedy 30 in Green
  3. I agree, definitely the perfo speedy!
  4. bucket in mandarin!

    i like the shape of the marina gm more than the pm.
  5. Green perfo speedy
  6. Perfo speedy!!!!
  7. I Love The Perfo Speedy!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. If I had to choose only one it would be the Mini Lin Croisette Marina PM. Post pics of the one you get.
  9. Epi Leather Bucket PM in Mandarine
  10. I want the croisette marina :smile:
  11. I vote for #3 the Mini Lin Marina! :yes:
  12. First choice, definitely Marina PM get it if I had the funds for it! If not, Perfo Speedy in second place:smile: Good luck deciding and dont forget to post pics!
  13. Perfo speedy!
  14. Perforated speedy! I just sold mine and I miss it already!
  15. Oh this is really hard. Thanks for all your votes so far. I have ruled out the Epi bucket. After looking at more pictures, it seems a bit small for a shoulder bag for me.

    Now the tough decision between the Perfo Speedy and Marina. If the Speedy was in Fuschia I would definitely get it, but I could only find it in green on eluxury :s and it is a past season bag, but so cool and I do own a lot of green. (Dell, may I ask why you sold yours? Did you find it to sag in the middle - like the other speedies?)

    The Marina on the other hand is the newest one out there. It's so light and fresh. Urghhhh ...... decisions, decisions ......... what should I do?