Monogram Perfo on Eluxury

  1. Hey if anyone is interested, i just noticed that Eluxury has somehow gotten almost the full Monogram Pefo line back in stock! If anyone wants any advice on the SPeedy 30 i will tell you have both the Multicolor Speedy 30 in white and the pefo and i like the perfo a LOT more! they also have the wallet and the other access...i didnt buy the wallet at the time but may have to get it now..:s
  2. The green perfo speedy has been there for ages, but I never noticed the rest. It must have been a recent update? Thanks for telling us!!
  3. I want a perfo speedy in fuchsia, but it's double price of a regular speedy:push:
  4. I saw that too! I'm debating about whether to get the compact zippe in fuschia or to get the mono french purse with a perfo cles. I need to make up my mind before they're all gone!!
  5. OH MY GOD there's a perfo musette! In fushia!!!! Seriously I am so upset right now :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: I wish I didn't know about this. And speedies in all three colors!!! Why is there such a good selection when most everything has been sold out for ages?
  6. i wish they had blue perfo!!
  7. Red perfo would also be so hot! Mmmmmm!
  8. all i wanted was a green perfo compact zippe. and they don't have it. thanks for the heads up though!!

  9. ITA :crybaby:
  10. Thanks for the update. I just checked, and WOW, the inventory is great.
  11. Wow, where'd they find all that stuff? I wonder if it still wasn't selling well in the boutiques so they sent it to eLux. No matter, get it while you can if you love it. Free shipping, too.
  12. SO, may be my SA info was true after all. Monogram perforation will be back in this summer. I tought she was kidding me:nuts: Hahaha
  13. The Perfo Speedy Fuschia is amazing.

    I am so ashamed that I passed it up when I had a chance to get it in the stores!
  14. so now it's available on Elux, will u get it?:graucho:
  15. I can't believe it! As I'm sitting here reading the threads on perfo, Saks calls and said they have a green perfo musette in for me!