Monogram Perfo Musette

  1. This is my first post in LV. I was never a LV girl. Balenciaga and Fendi posts mostly... anyhow, chanced into the LV store just now and saw the Musette Fuchsia. I usually swear off monograms (other than my own initials) but this is really different... How old do you think this model is for? I am 32 now and think it may look nice with jeans and when I am out carrying the baby.. Or could it be too flashy?:shrugs:
  2. yeah i think it perfect i love love love the perfo collection its so new and fresh on the whole mono thing, i have an orange cles and i love it to bits and pieces. i think yuo should definately get it and if you dont use it resellign will be easy cos it will be discontinued & out of stock by then, so yuo should at least get most of the $ back. but u have to make the decision quick im suprise dthe store still had one left, there more or less sold out everywhere! i think someone here said they needed to get thier cles shiped from mexico or somewhere cos there was none left in the states
  3. thanks! it's on hold for me. tee hee!
  4. good girl!
  5. That was me! I had to get my fuchsia one shiped from puerto rico :P I'll finally get to see her today, when my parents bring it down! :yahoo:

    Go for it! The perfo line is so cute...and like naughtymanolo said, its in the process of being discontinued, so I say GO FOR IT!