Monogram pattern inquiry...

  1. Hello Everyone!
    I'm pretty new to the world of LV, I am always looking around eBay and I realize that there are TONS of fakes out there. I have a question, it may be that I'm just ignorant about this but I figure that this is the best forum in which to fine out an answer! :confused1:

    When looking at monogram patterns I notice that LV usually alligns each purse or accessory (stitching , pockets, etc.) at a specific point. When searching eBay I look at pictures from ELuxury to check allignment. Well I've noticed that the pics on Elux of the Wapity Multicolore and many other people's Wapity cases are different. Example: on Elux there are 2 LV's across the case, on many other people's there are 3. Same situation with allignment on Manhattan PM with or without LV on the pockets.

    So I guess my question is, am I just scrutinizing things too much, do they line up the monograms with every item so they are the same or what?

    TIA just curious! :rolleyes:
  2. There will ALWAYS be the same number of LV in every original speedy 35 in the world I hope that answers your question with an expample ;) and yes they try to place the LV monogram pattern as best as possible in each and every model
  3. Just to warn you, Eluxury sometimes posts photos of prototypes that don't look like the future bags that will be available for sale. So their photos are not an excellent way to determine authenticity. For example, Eluxury's photos of LV multicolot Speedy had much less colors than the end product, and most fakes were made after following that photo.
  4. Thanks Olgavd! That makes sense why so many things don't match up if there are prototypes up on their website. I haven't bought any LV off eBay for fear of getting scewed over-lol. I was getting so confused why so many people's manhattan pm's had the LV in the center but on elux it wasn't there-phew! Thanks!
  5. if you're buying preowned, you can also post it on the "authenticate this" thread before doing any purchase :smile:
  6. it is a good idea to post any bags you are thinking of bidding on in the authentication thread in the shopping section,the members in there are very helpful.
  7. Thanks for the advice guys-I really do appreciate it! :drinkup: