Monogram Patina >10 years~!

  1. how will a monogram bag look like with it's patina more than 10 years??
    who ever owned a monogram >10years can please post some pictures of ur bags here?
    i am sure many would like to see how it turns out.:yes:
  2. I've posted it before, but this is my mom's old Speedy from 1990 after 7 years of daily use, and now, occasional use (since it's now mine).
  3. thanks for posting lvbabydoll. :biggrin:
    for a moment i thought no one got a monogram above 10 years that is why no reply here. ur speedy still looks lovely. thanks again.
  4. My Noe is 14 years-but no pics at the moment. It looks still great!
  5. if got photos.... please please please post it up ya. :smile:
  6. i would like to see , anyone ???
  7. I love seeing the older bags.
  8. I hope DesigningStyle doesn't mind that I posted this, but I remembered that she posted pics of one of her older bags. Gorgeous!

    Edited to add: OOPS! I just realized this is a French Company piece, which means the cowhide was actually treated, so no patina process. Sorry about that. The pics are nice to enjoy anyway!
  9. [​IMG]

    thats her in hte back of the second pic. this is pretty banging use for almost 12 years.
  10. No problem, and thanks!
  11. All the older bags look wonderful...can't wait until mine looks like that too!!!
  12. wow they still look very good!
  13. Good to know that LVs are really investment pieces. So many people say that, but to actually see that they still look great!
  14. Wow-- those still look beautiful. Just more proof of the quality of LV bags and the fact they are investments!
  15. Thanks for the pics lvbabydoll & photoobsessive...I always thought I would love my LV's forever & ever. Now I know that's a definite!