Monogram Pallas Owners - How has it broken in?

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  1. Hi all! I am considering purchasing the Pallas but am wondering if it suits my style. I tend to prefer bags that slouch a bit. I love the nice sag of a speedy. Does anyone have modshots of a broken in Pallas? Does it slouch? Thanks in advance!
  2. My Pallas does not slouch. The pleats on the side and the rings help hold its shape. I'm not sure if the Pallas will slouch like my speedy 35. Pallas design is more on the structured side.
  3. Thank you. I truly love the pop of color but not sure the style is right for me.
  4. Have you considered the speedy B? Are you looking for a shoulder bag? If a shoulder bag, a hobo bag like delightful or portobello would be nice.
  5. I have a mono speedy b and also an empreinte. I also have a Port GM (I'm a hoarder Lol) I'm seriously considering a Mahina as well, but I am so drawn to the Pallas. It is that gorgeous pop of color that keeps calling my name.
  6. Well, my pallas hasn't slouched so far; I doubt that it would slouch like a Speedy. However, I actually think it's in-between a structured bag and a slouchy one. I thought it was super structured before I bought it. Then I went and tried it on in a store - thought it was actually semi-structured instead. So I would recommend you to go in the shop and try it one, if there's one near you?

    Good luck!