Monogram or Damier??

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  1. Which print should i get?

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  2. I'd pick the mono, only because it's the original LV's just known worldwide. If you want to be different then go for the Damier.
  3. Actually, damier came out 8 years before the monogram did, though it's actually the THIRD canvas to come out. I was having a nice chat with the supervisor who was showing me bags, and she said LV will be bringing the second canvas back soon...and maybe even the first ever canvas!
  4. Oh...and I like the Damier better than the Mono just because I think the Mono is a bit overplayed.
  5. agreed. yay for damier!
  6. I pick the mono. Dunno why but for some reason I think of a chocolate bar when I look at the Damier wallet..:wacko: :amuse:
  7. I think I prefer the monogram for this one. If it was a koala wallet, definitely the damier !
  8. mono
  9. I prefer monogram on this piece.
  10. Tough choice, I would normally pick the damier but I'd go for the mono on this one.
  11. i think it's so cute in damier, but i have it in monogram nonetheless.
    it's a great wallet.
  12. Damier - I just love it.
  13.'s different and classy but so is the mono....I prefer the dam canvas more though.
  14. For this particular wallet - damier gets my vote.
  15. Damier...