Monogram or Damier?!?!

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Monogram or Damier

  1. Monogram

  2. Damier

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  1. I am looking at the the Porte valeurs Organizer and I dont know if I should get it in Monogram or Damier. What do you guys think??


    Couldn't find a pic for the one in Damier but ya.... THANKS!!
  2. Damier gets my vote... since it's quite a big wallet, it's not too flashy in Damier Canvas.
  3. Damier gets my vote as well... ;)
  4. Damier
  5. mono
  6. I have the mono.. Get the mono :smile:
  7. I love it in Damier!
  8. DAMIER... It's the only way to go (LoL)
  9. I voted for mono, but for a guy I would vote damier.
  10. MONO gets my vote.
  11. Damier gets my vote!