Monogram or Damier

  1. I'm planning to purchase a speedy 25 soon, but I haven't decide if I want it in monogram or damier. I like both :/ It's such a hard decision! So what do you guys think?

    Another question for monogram: Does the light tan handles get orangey-brown after long use?
  2. Most of us eventually end up with both a mono and damier speedy so it all depends on which line doy ou like best. Personally, I think mono looks the best on a speedy while the damier looks the best on a papillon.

    And the vachetta on the mono will patina and turn into a golden brown color after continuous usage and exposure to sunlight and oil (from hand).
  3. I like the Damier :yes:

    And yup, the color on the vachetta will change but it looks beautiful with patina. However if you don't like the color change, you should get the Damier. :yes:
  4. I like Damier on me (because it's a little more understated), but everytime I see someone with a Mono Speedy I think how classy it looks (if carried by the right person...)
  5. My preference is for the Mono.
  6. hmm...difficult to answer. i like both but damier has no vachetta problems so that might be a good choice.
  7. It's really a personal preference:

    -the mono speedy is justr quintessential LV. The vachetta handles will turn to a lovely honey shade with use. Definitely more of an attention-getter.

    -the damier is more discreet and somber. The handles are smooth chocolate leather- no need to worry over water-spots or perfecting the bag's patina. Red lining is a nice splash of color.
  8. Agree!!! But I say go for Damier for ease of use!
  9. I prefer the Damier.
  10. I like Damier. It's more unusual, and it's carefree since it's weatherproof! Monogram can be a little more casual, but I wear Damier with most outfits anyway. I do love both, as well, though!
  11. I prefer the Mono for a speedy. Love the Damier for other bags, but to me a speedy should be Mono, its so classic!
  12. Mono speedy is nice! prefer it to the damier.
  13. Damier, it's stronger and you'll worry free to carry it once rainy :smile:
  14. I'd get the Damier for the 25 and Mono for the 30... but yes, the mono vache does turn a dark tan overslots of use!
  15. Damier