Monogram or Damier Speedy

B. Jara

Oct 30, 2005
I have a ton of thoughts going on in my head right now...I hope that this will make some sense. :wacko:

With all this price hike talk going on...I am really thinking that if I am ever going to get a Speedy...I should get a monogram now. I originally wanted the Damier because it was different...and there were sooo many fake monogram speedy's out now...but the monogram has really started to grow on me. I like the fact that the speedy doesn't have a ton of vachetta on it ( a la the Cabas Piano monogram) and i know that I could take good care of the handles. I find myself looking at them everynight online... If I get one now, I will be able to test drive the style, as I have mostly shoulder bags (due to having to hold little hands...but that time is quickly passing :cry:...I did have a fake Speedy 30 :amazed: in the late 80's before I knew better, and I carried it for more than a year ).....and by the time the Damier 30 comes out, I will know if the style fits my lifestyle now and if I want one more in the Damier as well...or possibly SO a Damier Cabas Piano ( love this too) should I decided that one Speedy is enough.

So, if I do end up with both a Monogram and a Damier Speedy 30, (or Cabas Piano or the like) I need some opinions/thoughts on when one would wear the Monogram, and when one would wear the Damier. I know that the Monogram can tend to be more casual, but does that mean that the Damier can't be worn with casual stuff too?

99% of the time, I am in jeans/casual pants and t-shirts or nice tops. Never tennis shoes...always casual but nice shoes. Diamond ring(s) and diamond studs always for jewelry...and a nice watch. So I look well put together, but not fancy, fancy. No work outside the home but not Mom jeans type stuff...just hip/trendy clothes...once in a blue moon I will wear sweats out for a quick trip to the store, but that's about the extent of that, so I don't even need to factor that into the wardrobe for LV catagory. We don't go out on dates much by ourselves...usually with other couples and their kids...out to casual dinners/events. We have fun and prefer it this way. Once a year hubby has a formal work holiday party...a wedding here or there...and that is about the extent of my dress up time. LOL

So...( I told you I had a million things going through my head right now) I need opinions on should I just get the Monogram speedy 30 and be content with that...and not even think about getting anything in Damier? Is Damier canvas too dressy for me? I want to get what I will be able to use the most with all Monogram and Damier interchangeable in that respect? Or should I hold out for the Damier Speedy...because it will indeed blend with what I have?

I do love the Damier though...and think a speedy will be beautiful and I know that I would love it to pieces...I just don't want it to be too nice to carry it with what I normally wear.

Help me please. :biggrin:
From what your description of how you usually dress, I think either the Monogram or Damier Speedys would be fine. The Speedy bag is very casual looking and the print is not important in this case. I understand why you would think the Damier print would be more appropriate on dressier occasions,I have a Damier in the Ribera MM
this particular bag style would not be the best with jeans, because its very stiff/rigid "dressy looking" for lack of a better word/phrase...whereas the Speedy bag is more relaxed...casual. Sooo, I think your only big dilemma is chosing between the Monogram or Damier...I have the Speedy MC (I did have the Monogram, but gave it to my niece) and I'm planning to get the Damier Speedy. I hope my rambling helps you! You really can't go wrong with any print of the Speedy, it's a really great bag for everyday wear!
BJARA i am having the same dilemma as you! I was this close to getting the mono speedy before the price hike, but i figured i should wait for the damier since not much people have it yet. I am also a t shirt and jeans kind of gal if not more crappier looking. :weird: So, i definitely would not worry about it, get the damier !
Thank you all have cleared my head. :biggrin:

I told hubby tonight that this forum was a positive just saved him a bunch of money! he he

I had him this close last night to letting me buy one....I have a good pouty lip. :P