Monogram or Damier Speedy?

  1. I just got my first credit card and I am going crazy.....:graucho: so I am buying everything in sight lol! I was on eLUX today and I realized that I want a Speedy 30 very bad.....should I get the classic monogram or the new Damier speedy? (Note: I already have a Monogram Popincourt Haut).

    All opinions are appreciated! :heart:
  2. I would say get both but if you have to choose then get the damier speedy. You can get the mono at a later time.
  3. Get the Damier Speedy now and get the mono later.
  4. Damier. Then you will have both canvases. It's a lovely bag.
  5. Get BOTH!! LOL!!
  6. hahaha I want both, this is so hard!
  7. Have you seen them both in person? You really should if you can. That is usually how I make these decisions.
  8. Well if you can only have one for now, I would pick the Damier Speedy. I love mine.
  9. Well my mom hates me and raised me in I currently live here lol.....the closest LV is in Boston which is an hour and a half away. Also if I order from eLUX I won't have to pay sales tax.

    Do any of you have any pics of your personal bags?
  10. i say get the damier then mono later too. The worry free vachetta is awesome and I carry my damier all the time b/c of that
  11. ouu that is true!! No worries about getting the vachetta dirty!! :biggrin:

    Also, not many people have Damier Canvas in general anyways......I haven't even seen fakes yet :lol:
  12. Hi, get the damier speedy. It's so cute....:yes: .
  13. wow, I am embarrassed I didn;'t think of that already hahahah
  14. Do go see them in person. I'm on the MA/NH border- I'll go with ya if you're drivin' :roflmfao: Boston is now a VERY dangerous place for a girl with a credit card- have you seen the new Barney's? :biggrin::heart: Make your decision and then buy at elux. Sign up for ****** first for rebate and save a little bit more. I am a huge fan of ******/fatwallet/luckyrewards.
    But when in Hawaii last week I hit up LV pretty hard, tax be darned.

    I got the 40 Damier. Didn't like it before I saw in person. Then HAD TO HAVE RIGHT THEN. Next on list is 35 mono.
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