Monogram or Damier Keepall

  1. So I'm decidedly in need of a keepall. BUT I just found out that the damier 50 doesn't come with a strap (WTF!!) so should I just get the monogram with the strap?

    I just love the way the damier looks on the keepall. It's not as showy and seems like it would hold up to travel a lot better. However, I'm a small gal, so I don't think I could lug around the damier if it didn't have a strap (and I know for sure that the 55 is too big for me).

    Which one should I get??
  2. Im in the exact same situation as you and need a keepall...I really want damier but I love monogram too
  3. Doesn't the damier 55 come with a strap or is that one too big for you?
  4. The 55 does come with a strap but it would be too big. :crybaby:
  5. Oh that's a shame, I've got the 55 and mine's always stuffed full and I always wish I had more space
  6. can we sell a bag here?? or not.. sorry i m new
  7. there's no selling bags here
  8. Is there anyway you can go to a store and try both of the bags? Maybe by trying them you could get an idea which one would be the best for you. For some reason, I think the damier would be the better bag for travel. It does not shout LV, and for some reason, I think it might be more durable.
  9. That's exactly why I want the damier!! I'm afraid that the vachetta on the monogram would get too dirty. Maybe not so dirty per se (cuz I'm really careful with my handbags) but I wouldn't worry so much with the damier.

    Why can't LV make the damier 50 with a strap!?!?
    It (damier) doesn't come in a 45 with strap does it?
  10. I think the damier looks better than the monogram.
  11. I just bought a damier keepall and I adore it. Personally I don't miss the strap, but I suppose if you really wanted it you could have one specially done. I know people have taken their strapless monogram keepalls in to have a strap (or at least the connecters for a strap) added. I think it costs around $200 and then another $200 for the strap itself, but if money is not the issue I'm sure it can be done.
  12. Both looks great but I'd go with the mono.
  13. You can't go wrongh with either one, both are classic and timeless pieces.