Monogram Olympe - wats your experience?

  1. Hi Proud Olympe owners, Just want to check on your experience so far.....

    I've got a Nimbus, find the leather getting a bit dry and dull....looks like some fine line cracks..:crybaby::crybaby:developing.....HELP!

    Just wondering if anyone have similar experience, and how you take care of your precious Olympe?

    I was upset and went to LV to have a glimpse of the show room display pieces, they looked quite bad too!! but so far I have not seen such feedback in the jus wondering how's the other's experience so far.

    Had a brief discussion with the SA but they dun seemed knowlegable nor helpful, quite disappointing!!:tdown::nogood:

    Nimbus is such a beauty, and classy bag...:crybaby::crybaby: Hope someone here can advice.:flowers::angel:
  2. i have the Stratus PM and Nimbus PM, and haven't had any problems with them so far. but i'm the kind who's anal about her bags, so i'm as careful with them as i can be. just don't handle them too roughly, i suppose