monogram new item *lockit*

  1. TR got one last week before they came out. She was a lucky girl!
  2. pic's attached.
  3. oops... thank you so much Bag Fetish for the pics!:P :heart:
  4. i'm loving this bag in black PM :love:
  5. N/p I loke the pm.. :love:
    This line is very HOT!!
  6. Their coming out Aug. 1st. They were supposed to coincide with the release of the Suhali lockit bags. I got mine because the SA thought the date was July 1st!!!
  7. Wow... it's much more roomier than I thought... :biggrin:
  8. Sorry is yours the PM? It does look like the perfect size for you.
    Does it hold much? Can you post pic's with loaded up/

  9. i love the suhali lockits, the monogram i dont care for :sad:
  10. My SA called today and said he got 2 in.
  11. Does anybody know the price on the monogram Lockit bags?? I think they're cute!
  12. Man I can't remember, and I was just playing with them this past weekend... I can tell you the smaller of the 3 will be like $735.00 or was it $765.00 - haha, I can't remember, I am positive its $700.00+... we have The Nomade Lockit too, and were all too afraid to pick it up... haha... were all "AH YOU MIGHT SCRATCH IT, THEN WE CAN'T SELL IT..." so yeah...

    The smaller of the 3 really is the best size! The others are just too big...

    But yeah as stated above, we are not launching them till August 1st.
  13. $890 for the horizontal
  14. hmm, I think I like the smallest! It's cute! And thank goodness it has a zipper!!!