Monogram Neverfull

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  1. I have been waiting patiently for a bag that was as large as the discont'd Cabas Alto, but didn't have the leather bottom.....and found it. I saw the new GM Neverfull on the LV site, but Elux says they don't have any yet... :sad:

    Anyone have this great bag, or at least, seen it in person ? Is it as big as the Cabas Alto?
  2. did you do a search and check the Clubhouse?
    Lots of threads w/ phtos already:yes:
  3. I just got the MM a couple days ago -- usually I go for big but the Neverfull GM is HUGE and since it doesn't have a zip top, it was pretty much ruled out as a new travel bag.

    Sorry I can't help with the dimensions compared to an Alto, but I have to say, I am loving my new MM!!
  4. If you go on the vuitton website, the Neverfulls (PM, MM, GM) are all showing with their measurements.

    Also, go to the LV Clubhouse and look for Neverfull club.

  5. i tried on the GM yesterday...but dont really like the sagging bottom...:Push:

    So i got the PM
  6. Thanks....I saw some good photos in the clubhouse, but even better.....I got my paws on the GM at Saks today !!! It's PERFECT......except for the fact that it's made in USA. The bottom doesnt sag, as it is reinforced with seams around the bottom. I like how you can adjust the size with a few pulls !! :smile:

  7. I bought the Neverfull MM and when I put my stuff in it, the bottom did sag. So, I took the cardboard inserts from the LV boxes that I have and cut them to fit the inside bottom of the MM. Now, no sag!!!! Plus, I'm using my large purseket in the MM so that I don't have loose items floating around inside the purse. Works well!! (My MM is also made in the USA. I remember one of the SAs at my store who said that he had been at the San Dimas factory and had seen the Neverfull - this was a few months ago, so maybe all of the Neverfulls are being made in the USA?)
  8. Based on the measurements of the Neverfull GM and Cabas Alto (I'm only estimating from how much monogram is exposed on the canvas of both bags), I think that the Neverfull GM is slightly wider than the Cabas Alto, but the neverfull is not as tall as the alto.'s what I think is smallest to largest: Cabas Mezzo < Neverfull GM < Cabas Alto.
  9. GM is huge. I'm 5'7" and not a skinny skinny frame and that bag was overwhelming. Totally out of proportion, but as long as you like it!
  10. I say the bigger the better! Whenever I have a choice of pm,mm or gm I go for the GM!
  11. I think neverfull looks best in PM size.