Monogram Multicolore tote

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  1. Has anyone gotten their new tote yet? What do you think of it?
  2. I got it:love: Its the small black tote. Aurelia i believe is the name. Im waiting for my friends camera to take pics. Its sitting next to me like my little pet or something :nuts:
  3. Ooooo, cant wait to see pic's :smile:

  4. Does it come w/ the pouchette? Congrats btw!
  5. I tried it on this morning but it was too small for me so I am waiting for the next size up.....he said the one I tried today is the the BH but in MC.
  6. Thanks :smile: No I got the smaller tote so it didnt come with the pouchette. But if any does get the pouchette with the small tote let me know so i can complain:biggrin:
  7. I cant get the photos up :sad: can someone help me? thanks...haha i didnt even know i put it up. Thats from my camera, when gal pal gets here i'll take nicer ones.
  8. very nice, what does the inside look like ?
  9. Its so cute!!
  10. Not THAT'S what I'm talkin' about!!! Way to go Cookiepieface!!!!! Good job! I'm going tonight to get the white GM. My computer died. Maybe I can take a picture with my cell phone and email to someone???
  11. Congrats! It's beautiful! Can you describe the inside? Any pockets? Zippers? Thanks!
  12. this is really nice.
  13. wow i LOVE IT
  14. That's a nice tote! If it has a zipper compartment and a cellphone compartment, that'd be great!
  15. [​IMG]
    Sorry its soo big, and blurry this is from the cell phone. It has a zipper inside and a cell phone pocket, and a small clasp to hold it all together. hope this helps :biggrin: And the best part is MADE IN FRANCE yay!
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