Monogram Multicolore Shirley

  1. Does anyone in here own this bag??? how do you like it? I REALLY LOVE IT AND PLANNING TO BUY IT.
  2. It's really cute but really small. I've only used it a couple of times and I find it to be too small even for a night out. But, then it helps if you have a thin cell phone.
  3. I don't own it but I've seen it and think it's really cute!
  4. Do you think it's appropriate for daytime as well?? I am sure its gorgeous for night.
  5. ^Yah, it is! : )
  6. Yes, it's cute and perfect for evening or clutch ;)
  7. ITA! :yes:
  8. I have one in black and use it mostly as an evening bag. I have used it in the daytime if I am wearing alot of black and want to punch it up with some color. It works well. I do have to change wallets to the ludlow as it doesn't fit my french purse.;)
  9. dont have it, but very cute. love it with a shoulder strap.
  10. i don't have it but i think its cute
  11. I dont have it but Im planning to get it once I saved enough money. It is cute tho', I tried it once in LV boutique and its gorgeous...My friend use it when we had lunch and it is still gorgeous
  12. i love this bag as going out at night bag. fits just what I need, cell phone, some cash and credit/id. i just love this bag.
  13. It's gorgeous- I say go for it! A lot of people on the forum have a Shirley and love it!
  14. Don't have it, but it's beautiful!
  15. i know label addict has it; its soo sweet, its the only mc bag i like!